The SQUARE Range from Astell Scientific is available in capacities from 125 to 735 litres. The SQUARE range is capable of sterilizing various items as standard and is upgradable to sterilize almost anything.
The range is avalible in 125, 216, 250, 360, 490, 612 or 735 litre capacity.
This range is designed with flexibility in mind – the standard unit starts off capable of sterilizing a wide variety of items and then for loads that are a little more challenging,
additional options can be added to give the unit even more versatility.

Astell can custom build the SQUARE range to your specifications.

  • Model: AVS125 (125 litres)
  • Model: AVS216 (216 litres)
  • Model: AVS250 (250 litres)
  • Model: AVS360 (360 litres)
  • Model: AVS490 (490 litres)
  • Model: AVS612 (612 litres)
  • Model: AVS735 (735 litres)